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Africa Fonts, started by Anton Scholtz in 1997, specializes in African flavor fonts.

The foundry is based in Durban, South Africa, where the Zulu culture of the region has greatly influenced Anton’s font design. In his profession as a graphic designer, he became aware of how few available fonts were suitable for African inspired design.

He began to create his own fonts to enhance the work produced by his design company, and this branch of his design work has grown steadily in recent years.


All fonts are carefully crafted and tested to ensure the highest quality. All fonts have both upper and lower case, numbers, math symbols and full punctuation.
(A few fonts, such as "Zebra", have a more limited character set, but this is always noted in the font description.)

Our African fonts are designed for professional use. They are spaced and kerned to ensure correct display in commercial publications.

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