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The "BATCHELDER FONTSET" is part of the "Arroyo-Style" Collection of Arts and Crafts fonts. It includes two separate fonts. "BATCHELDER RUFF" is a "battered" version of the typeface used for titling in the catalogs and advertising of the Batchelder Tile Company during the 1920s. The original source characters were smoother, but they were also handlettered, so that every character was different. This digitized version contains uniform characters, but its "rough" quality preserves the hand-drawn look. It is designed primarily as a headline font, and thus is best used in All-Caps in larger sizes. Scaled-down versions of the capital letters have been placed in the Lower Case keyboard positions, so that the font can be used in "Small Caps" format by simply typing normally.

 The second font, "BATCHELDER ELEMENTS," contains 26 images from Ernest Batchelder's design books. All of these elements can be accessed through the keyboard by typing the appropriate letter, from "A" to "Z." From cats to ducks to flowers -- even a bear and a couple of rabbits -- there's a design for everyone and every purpose. These are designs that can be used to decorate all your graphic projects like announcements and invitations, or what have you. Since they are provided in an easy-to-use font format, there is no need for special graphics programs or even any special computer knowledge -- just type the letter and you will get the character right where you want it. Keep in mind that as with any font these characters are all scalable. Select a larger font size in your word processor and you will get a larger image.

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