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The "CRAFTSMAN FONTSET" is part of the "Arroyo-Style" Collection of Arts and Crafts fonts. The "CRAFTSMAN" font is a faithful reproduction of the "logo," or Title typeface used for Gustav Stickley's "Craftsman" Magazine during its publication years of 1901-1916. It is an all-caps font, with condensed and closely-spaced characters, specifically designed for titles and headlines. It is quite distinctive and evocative of the Arts & Crafts era when used for its intended purpose.

The "CRAFTSMAN FONTSET" consists of three separate fonts: "CRAFTSMAN REGULAR," "CRAFTSMAN OUTLINE," and the picture font, "STICKLEY DECORATIONS."

"CRAFTSMAN REGULAR" is the solid-line version of the "Craftsman" lettering. It contains all normal characters, plus many special characters for foreign-language use. Note that, in effect, "CRAFTSMAN REGULAR" (like "CRAFTSMAN OUTLINE") is in itself two separate fonts, in the sense that the capital letters are different than lower case. All capital letters are contained in a hand-drawn box (as on the cover of "The Craftsman" Magazine). Lower case characters are identical, but without the box. Thus, the two may be used separately, or in combination, to achieve a desired effect.

"CRAFTSMAN OUTLINE" is the outline version of the font -- the same characters and setup as "CRAFTSMAN REGULAR," but in non-solid, outline form. (The original "Craftsman" Magazine lettering was outline, but with the body of each letter filled in with various colors, depending on the season). The four variants of this font provide a wide variety of looks for different uses. NOTE: When using either "CRAFTSMAN REGULAR" or "CRAFTSMAN OUTLINE" in any word processor make sure "Smart Quotes" is turned OFF in order to use the font's original quote marks.

"STICKLEY DECORATIONS" is a "picture font" containing 26 different classic images from the pages of "The Craftsman" Magazine. From "A" through "Z," there's something here for every purpose. The best way to get to know "STICKLEY DECORATIONS" and its contents is to type out each letter of the alphabet in turn which will produce the designs.

As with any font, the size of the images can be infinitely scaled, by entering a higher "point" number. You will need to experiment to find the right size for your purpose -- don't be afraid to go as high as 200-300! Experiment also with using many of these images as horizontal borders. "Ivy" (K), for example, has been specially constructed to link together into a continuous border. "Wild Carrot" (W) used in succession makes a distinctive border, as do many others. Play with the pictures, perhaps inserting spaces between each, and see what results you get.

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