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The "'G&G' FONTSET" is part of the "Arroyo-Style" Collection of Arts and Crafts fonts. 'G&G' is the digitized version of the original handlettering of early 20th Century Pasadena architects Charles and Henry Greene. This font is both accurate and authentic -- it was adapted directly from the Greenes' original plans for The Gamble House and others.

  Please note that this font contains 3 "hidden" special characters, as follows:

*Character #1 is a special diagonal "AND," lettered in the Greenes' unique style. Find and use it by typing "Alt + 0150." (Be sure to use the numerals on your number pad, NOT those on the top row of your keyboard).

*Character #2 is a "Double intersecting O," a distinctive feature often used by the Greenes in words like "ROOM" or "DOOR." It can also be used as a "double zero," as in a ZipCode, address or telephone number. Select "BOLD" and scale down two or three point-sizes to use with lower case. You can access the "Double-O" by typing "Alt + 0151."

*Character #3 is a hand-drawn architectural arrow. Just for fun, really, but useful in a variety of ways -- to "point" at a section of text, perhaps, or to lead to the next page of a document. The arrow provided is facing right, but depending on your system and software you may be able to rotate it in any direction. Of course, as with all the characters, it is scalable to any purpose. Give it a try by typing "Alt + 0167." Again, remember to use your number-pad keys for access.

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