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The "PRESIDIO FONTSET" is part of the "Arroyo-Style" Collection of Arts and Crafts fonts, and consists of two fonts:


"PRESIDIO" is a stylized version of the hand-lettered calligraphy typical of the Mission era of early California. This lettering was often unique to an individual hand, but the characters shared a common style, and had their roots in the Middle Ages when monks and scholars copied whole books one letter at a time. "PRESIDIO" replicates this style with subtle variations in each character, giving the font its authentic charm.

"PRESIDIO" is designed primarily as an all-caps, large-size display face. Its capital letters blend easily with one another, and provide a fine "Old World" look with maximum readability. Lower case characters of the same style are also provided, so "PRESIDIO" may be used for normal Upper and Lower Case text. You will find that despite the stylized nature of this font, "PRESIDIO" remains both attractive and easy to read, whether it is displayed in All Caps or mixed in a text block, and in all font sizes.


The second font, "MISSION ART," contains 26 design elements from many of the California Missions. All of these images can be accessed through the keyboard by typing the appropriate letter, from "A" through "Z." From a dove about to alight on a mission wall, to floral accents of all kinds, to a mission cross, there's a design here for everyone and every purpose.

An important part of this collection is 6 decorative borders that are designed in such a way that they can be used as single elements by themselves, or repeated to make a long border across a page. They join seamlessly by simply typing the appropriate letter over and over again. It does take some practice to do this effectively, though. You will need to center the border and adjust the font size to fit it on the page attractively.

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