Multi-user Licenses

Berthold offers flexible licensing that allows you to choose the type of license that best fits your needs.
The Initial License for each Berthold package (Berthold BQ or Adobe BE version) allows you to use the fonts on 5 computers (CPUs) and/or 1 output device at one physical location. Thereafter, you can choose to increase the number of CPUs in increments of 5, or obtain a license for an unlimited number of CPUs at 1 location, within 1 country or worldwide.

Single Site Multi-user Licenses.
Multi-user licenses are available in increments of 5 CPUs and 1 output device for use at one physical location. The price for a Multi-user License depends upon the number of CPUs for which you need a license and has 2 components:

The price of the Initial License + the price of the additional CPUs

The price of the Initial License is merely the price of the Berthold package. The price of the additional
CPUs can be calculated using the following table:


Corporate Licenses.

Berthold offers 4 types of Corporate Licenses for use by one company:

1. Site (unlimited number of CPUs at  one physical location)

2. Country (unlimited number of CPUs within one country)

3. Worldwide (unlimited number of CPUs worldwide)

4. Custom (a modification of any of the above three licenses customized for  a company)

The price of a Corporate license depends upon the number of fonts for which you need to license. The price of a Corporate License can be calculated using the following table:

Unlimited number of CPUs
(OpenType- Versions on request)

One Site                         € 3,750.00 per font
One Country                      € 5,000.00 per font
Worldwide                        € 7,500.00 per font

Discounts for multiple fonts
 4 - 5 fonts                 5 % discount
 6 - 7 fonts                10 % discount
 8 - 9 fonts                15 % discount
10+ fonts                   20 % discount

Custom Corporate License.

Berthold offers flexible custom licensing specific for a company’s needs. Custom TrueType and OpenType Corporate  Licenses are available on request. For more information please e-mail Typos Type & Image Design stating your needs.License Extensions.

If you already have a license to use a Berthold product (BQ or Adobe version) and want to increase the number of CPUs or obtain a Corporate License, then Berthold offers License Extensions. The price of a license  extension depends upon the source of the original license (Berthold or Adobe) and whether you already have a Multi-user or Corporate License.

You can use the foregoing tables as a guideline to calculate the price.  Berthold will extend licenses originally sourced from Adobe at the same cost as licenses originally sourced from Berthold To obtain a License Extension, you will need to provide proof of the original purchase. .




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