Jack Yan, 1997-2000

Our 1997 type release, JY Décennie, has been designed for  both the web and print. Essentially applying the principles of newspaper  typefaces, attention has been paid to the Windows versions of the  family to ensure clarity when used in web browsers. It was originally  conceived with an Australian broadsheet newspaper in mind, and ultimately  launched to commemorate JY&A's 10th anniversary. Input for the design  came partly from JY&A Fonts' site visitors using the Font  Studio feedback form.
The design itself is based on Australian and New  Zealand wood type, which was used widely by European settlers during  the nineteenth century.
There are small cap and expert fonts, as well as  a Titling Roman and Italic, for use with  initial caps or headlines. Titling is JY&A Fonts' first display typeface,  with a design that complements Décennie's text sizes. A sans serif version, JY Décennie Express, is also available.
All typefaces have been fine-tuned, with the text fonts featuring 2,200 kerning pairs each and Titling featuring 3,300.

147 JY Décennie Pro OT
      JY Décennie Pro OT Roman
      JY Décennie Pro OT Italic
      JY Décennie Pro OT Bold
      JY Décennie Pro OT Bold Italic

JY Décennie OSF Roman, OSF Italic,OSF Bold, OSF Bold Italic

JY Décennie Expert Roman, Expert Italic, SCOSF;
Titling Roman, Titling Italc





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