Decennie Express Pro





JY Décennie Express was developed as a sans serif workhorse  complement to JY Décennie. The basic  roman design shares characteristics, and in some cases, characters (e,  o, and others) with the serif version, making JY Décennie Express work particularly well with its progenitor.
The design is friendly and approachable, as opposed  to stark (the effect one usually has with Helvetica and other over-used  typefaces). On closer inspection, straight lines blend into curves on  the outlines: the characters are in fact complex but appear simple.
The principal departure with the serif version is the  presence of a Heavy weight. It works well in text applications as well  as at large sizes.
All typefaces have been fine-tuned, with the text fonts  featuring 2,200 kerning pairs each.

148 JY Décennie Express Pro OT
      JY Décennie Express Roman
      JY Décennie Express Italic
      JY Décennie Express Bold
      JY Décennie Express Bold Italic
      JY Décennie Express Heavy
      JY Décennie Express Heavy Italic




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