JY Aetna

JY Aetna
Francesco Griffo, 1495; Giovantonio Tagliente,  1524.
Revival by Jack Yan, 1994

JY Aetna was designed originally by Francesco Griffo  in 1495, and appeared in a book by Cardinal Bembo the following year.  The font in this text was re-created by JY&A in 1994, at the suggestion  of computer consultant Matthew Kennedy (brother of JY&A VP Ingrid  Kennedy). The original x-heights, quaint letters and other niceties  have been restored. An italic complement, based on the font design  by Giovantonio Tagliente, has also been developed. JY&A's 2,700 kerning  pairs (up to a maximum of 2,829 in the oldstyle roman) come as standard  in the text fonts.

146 JY Aetna OpenType Pro Family
Roman, Italic,  Bold, Bold Italic
include Roman OSF,  Italic OSF, Bold OSF, Bold  Italic OSF, Roman SCOSF







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