JY Arts  & Crafts

Todd Hallock, 2002

The JY Arts & Crafts font, by Todd Hallock, is loosely inspired  by the medieval, fairy style illustrations and decorative lettering  of Jessie Marion King (1876–1949), and the Scottish style of  Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868–1928) of the Glasgow School,  from which Jessie received her training. The Scottish or Glasgow school  style was a countermovement to mainstream art nouveau.
This version of Arts & Crafts has 3,200 kerning  pairs, making the typeface particularly well suited to headline typesetting.

141 JY Arts  & Crafts OpenType-Version.






Above Todd Hallock’s JY Arts & Crafts has alternative characters  in the capital positions. Fast becoming one of our popular offerings,  JYArts & Crafts has been further enhanced by the addition of JY&A  Fonts 3,200 kerning pairs

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