JY Novalis

Mark Geard, 1996-97, 2006

Novalis was designed by one of New Zealand’s most underrated  talents, Mark Geard. Originally created in the mid-1990s, it found  some success as an independently distributed typeface family. Along  the way, JY&A Fonts actually helped with extra weights. Now, we  offer Novalis’s three weights reworked and kerned with over 3,000  pairs per font. Also in OpenType.

143 JY Novalis OT Light, Medium, Bold

Novalis JY






Above Mark Geard’s Novalis family is already a proven typeface after  10 years. Now refined as part of the JY&A Fonts library, with  a complete character set and 3,000 kerning pairs per font, its friendly,  rustic nature is going to be even more accessible.

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