JY Raj

Jure Stojan, 2002

JY Raj has had a lengthy gestation. The original one was a sans serif  adaptation of a slab serif typeface design by Jure Stojan. The slab  serif, which he called Pekel after the town he lived in, was quirky,  and in turn had been based on one he used for Christmas cards the  year before.
Raj looked instantly better as a sans serif. After  refining it further one lengthy night in 2001, he showed the drafts  to Jack Yan, who completed the character sets and finished the kerning  (again, over 3,000 kerning pairs per font are present). As with the  majority of JY&A Fonts typefaces, Raj is euro-equipped.
characterful sans serif, JY Raj pushes the boundaries  of what is possible with various geometric shapes, combining legibility  and tradition with sharp, unexpected angles. As with Stojan's earlier JY Koliba, it possesses a delightful balance,  thanks to the designer's eye for detail and typographic harmony.
The name has little to do with the Asian subcontinent:  it translates to paradise in Stojan's mother tongue, Slovenian.

138 JY Raj OT Roman, Italic, Extra  Bold, Extra Bold Italic^





138samp2 138samp3

Above Stojan has created four weights for JY Raj, including an extra bold  roman that has sharp forms yet a gentle, legible appearance. Below  left The letter g is highly distinctive, just as  it is in JY Koliba. Below  right Four letters that show how how JY Raj breaks from  tradition. It is in the overall form that Raj maintains its legibility,  not in the outline shape or the stroke width. Bottom Despite the unconventional forms, it is one of the most legible sans  serif typefaces available.

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