JY Tranquility

Jack Yan, 1994-95

A tranquil and formal seriffed type family, JY Tranquility is ideal  for text applications. Based on Renaissance type forms, with 2,700  kerning pairs in each text font for today's requirements, JY Tranquility  is one of the most flexible families developed by Jack Yan's team.

151 JY Tranquility Pro OT  Roman, Italic,  Bold, Bold Italic
JY Tranquility OSF Roman OSF,  Italic OSF, Bold OSF, Bold  Italic OSF
JY Tranquility Demi, Demi  Italic, Demi OSF, Demi Italic OSF,  Medium SCOSF
Roman Fractions, Italic Fractions,

Tranquility in Desktop, February 1996; Publish, August 1996







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