Yan Series 333




Jack Yan, 1987-95

JY&A's most distinctive calligraphic font, the Yan Series is usable  at all resolutions and remains legible. Even though it has a strong  calligraphic influence, the Yan Series is ideal for text settings  that have to appear special. Designed by Jack Yan, the family was  developed between 1987 and 1993. Yan studied the effect of a nylon-tip,  rather than steel-nib, pen on paper. Originally the 317 series, successive  improvements to the design saw it digitized as the 333 series in 1993.  The typeface works well in print, regardless of the resolution of  the output device.

152 Yan Series 333  Pro OT Roman OSF, Italic OSF, Bold OSF, Bold Italic OSF
Black OSF, Black Italic OSF, Roman SCOSF, Bold SCOSF
LF1  Roman,  Italic, Bold, Bold Italic
LF 2 Roman SCOSF, Italic Alternatives, Black, Black Italic 

Yan Series 333 samples in CAP December  1997 and the International  TypeFounders catalogue, Volume 2
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